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Solarium Ceramics is the largest manufacturer of ceramic/vitrified wall tiles in India. Solarium's manufacturing units are equipped with cutting edge modern technology. Intense automation and a zero chance for human error are few reasons for Solarium to be the number one in the industries.With our dedication to make it possible for our customers to get something unique, new and highly functional digital wall tiles, we continue to provide more designs.

Mission, Vision and Value

Our mission is to make the Solarium Ceramic the best digital wall tiles that come with the best quality. With this, the company started out with a dedicated team that does not only provide a good product but will also guides the customers all the way.

  • Mission

    We are focusing on market expansion through strong networks in india and ininternational market. Our mission is to Introduce new range of products regularly and to improve quality on a continuous basis.

  • Vision

    As a result of our unending commitment to quality we will create an enviable position in the industry and have been regular supplier to some of the most prestigious projects. Our aims to fully explore international avenues and emerging markets around the world

  • Value

    Trust, quality and reliability have been on the priority list of us and it is committed to continue fulfilling the expectation of their vast group of customers all over the world.


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